Yearbook, Nov. 22: Dramatic Thanksgiving

Nov. 22, 2001: Eleven Thanksgivings ago, the holiday fell on this date -- and provided a pair of two-point games featuring dramatic (almost) comebacks.

First came the Detroit Lions, who trailed the Green Bay Packers 29-13 in the fourth quarter before fighting back to within a two-point conversion of tying at 29. But backup quarterback Mike McMahon's scrambling incompletion with 10 seconds left sealed things for the visitors, and pushed Detroit to 0-10 in the eventual 2-14 season. (Side note: Starting that game for Detroit? Charlie Batch, the starter this weekend for the Pittsburgh Steelers.)

For the second and final course, the Denver Broncos built up an even bigger lead -- 26-3 in the fourth -- but watched a Dallas Cowboys team led by Ryan Leaf claw back to within two (26-24). That ended up the final, though, when a last-ditch onside kick was recovered by the road team.

Here's to another Nov. 22 Thanksgiving filled with drama ...