Yearbook, Dec. 2: Griffin's Heisman double

December, 2, 2012
Dec. 2, 1975: If Texas A&M redshirt freshman Johnny Manziel wins the Heisman Trophy this season -- and that's still a big "if" -- perhaps the Aggie could do what Ohio State Buckeye Archie Griffin pulled off on this day 37 years ago.

That's when Griffin became the first -- and still only -- player to win multiple Heismans, following his junior-year victory with a senior repeat.

Griffin's lines in those two Big Ten championship seasons: 1,620 yards and 12 touchdowns (on a 6.9 yards per carry) as a junior, 1,357 and four (on a 5.5 average) as a senior. Griffin, who also finished fifth in voting as a sophomore, ran away with both trophies (483-120 in first-place votes over USC's Anthony Davis in 1974, 454-145 over California's Chuck Muncie in 1975).

Archie GriffinAP PhotoGriffin, after winning in 1974.
Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin and the Ohio State BuckeyesAP PhotoGriffin, with coach Woody Hayes in 1975.
Archie Griffin after winning his second Heisman in 1975 with the Ohio State BuckeyesAP PhotoGriffin, after the second win.
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