Food, beer & more named for Tim Tebow

April, 16, 2012
Should the Bronx Cheer become the Tebow Cheer? Maybe.

The new New York Jets quarterback got booed Sunday at Yankee Stadium, suggesting that Mark Sanchez's backup has some winning-over to do if he wants the Big Apple faithful to be on his side.

But oh, there are many on his side already -- from his time with the Broncos to his high-profile arrival in Gotham. So before we go rebranding a jeer for Tebow, let's take a look at some of the many things that already have been named for the man who took Denver -- and the entire sports nation -- by storm not half a year ago.

A horse
At least six horses, actually, including this one -- a filly named Tebowing, owned by Billy Koch and Little Red Feather Racing.

TebowingBilly Koch/Little Red Feather Racing
A beer
Bonfire Brewing of Eagle, Colo., back in October created "Tebrew," which -- according to the website -- "is about celebrating victory, drowning the sorrow of loss, raising a glass and rooting for the home team." And Bonfire is still proud to share its logo, even if the QB is miles away...

TebrewBonfire Brewing
A sandwich New York City, whose Carnegie Deli quickly named a sandwich after Tebow. According to Village Voice writer Robert Sietsema: "...the thing weighs in at 3.3 pounds, and includes layers of roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, American cheese, lettuce, and sliced tomato. Oh, yeah, and it's on white bread with mayo." Uh, yum?

Tebow SandwichRobert Sietsema/Village Voice
A burrito
Not full yet? Then hop on over to Paradise Cove in Lakewood, Colo., which -- at least at some point -- served the Tebow-rito on its breakfast menu. (And here's a review, from TheScoop303's Bobby Podrasky.)

Tebow BurritoRobert Podrasky/TheScoop303
A table
Back in New York, the upscale Philippe Chow restaurant dedicated not a menu item but an entire table to Mr. Tebow. It's pictured below: the section to the front right.

Tebow Table at ChowCourtesy of Philippe Chow
A greyhound
Per Busted Coverage, a racing dog in the Tampa Bay area earned the named Flying Tim Tebow ... and fly he did!

A rule
It's not officially named for him, but it's no surprise that the NCAA's decision to ban messages in eye black became known as "The Tebow Rule."

Tim TebowKevin C. Cox/Getty Images
A day
After participating in a Montgomery, Ala., charity fundraiser in March, Tebow got quite a bit in return: Alabama governor Robert Bentley (pictured) declared March 16 "Tim Tebow Day." Not a bad achievement for a Florida Gator.

Robert BentleyAP Photo/Jamie Martin
A bill
Inspired by Tim Tebow's past as a home-schooled athlete participating in prep sports, multiple state legislatures have introduced bills that would allow the same thing. However, Virginia's recent try failed.

SenateTracy A. Woodward/Getty Images
A TV family?
It could happen, as an in-development drama series "Rectify," written by character actor Ray McKinnon (below, of "O Brother Where Art Thou?" and "The Blind Side"), reportedly will feature a family named the Tebows.

Ray McKinnonAngela Weiss/Getty Images
A pose
Heard of it?

Tim TebowAP Photo/Julie Jacobson
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