Mascots react to Forbes 'favorite' list

May, 2, 2012
Forbes recently released its list of America's Favorite Sports Mascots, which used a fan survey to judge the popularity of sideline characters who support our professional teams.

On the list? Mr. Met (No. 1), the Phillie Phanatic (2) and nine more mascots -- which leaves a lot of disappointed foam and/or furry friends whose fans didn't give them enough love.

Luckily, photographers were around to capture their reactions:

Orioles mascotAP Photo/David GoldmanSince missing the list, going to work just hasn't been the same for Baltimore's Oriole Bird.
Hugo the HornetJim Gund/Getty Images
Marisa MillerEzra Shaw/Getty ImagesA sympathy hug from Marisa Miller was a nice consolation prize for Lou Seal of the S.F. Giants.
Paul PierceAP Photo/David GoldmanThe Atlanta Hawks' Skyhawk didn't waste words in giving his thoughts on the fan vote.
GrizzJoe Murphy/NBAE/Getty ImagesThe Memphis Grizzlies' Grizz kept up appearances, but couldn't help feeling hollow inside.
Newark Bears Mascot RuppertMichael N. Todaro/Getty ImagesRuppert shouldn't be too upset; his Newark Bears aren't even an affiliated minor league team.
Clipper DarrellAndrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty ImagesWell, Clipper Darrell isn't the official L.A. mascot, so...
Eagles MascotAP Photo/Michael PerezSwoop from the Eagles just couldn't take it anymore, and went out in a barrage of snowballs.
Pittsburgh PiratesJoe Robbins/Getty Images"Ah, well. I'm used to losing." --the Pittsburgh Pirates' Pirate Parrot

Patrick Dorsey is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor for He has worked for the Web and newspapers. He also played in one Division-III golf tournament (he shot 105).



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