Gallery: Sports and 'Star Wars' intersect

May, 4, 2012
May the Fourth be with you! That's right, it's Star Wars Day once again.

For a story on nerds and jocks converging on this momentous occasion, read Playbook Fandom's piece. Then check out this gallery of images, in which sports and our favorite space-based saga (sorry, Trekkies) intersect.

ChewbaccaAP Photo/Henny Ray AbramsChewbacca's curve is wicked, but Darth Vader's fastball has Force (heh).
Amanda LucasEtsuo Hara/Getty ImagesAmanda Lucas, daughter of George, is an MMA fighter who doesn't deny her "Star Wars" connection.
Darth VaderChristian Petersen/Getty ImagesEven an oversize Mark Grace can't help but bow down before Darth Vader.
Dwight HowardGene Duncan/Disney Parks/Getty ImagesUnconfirmed rumor: Dwight Howard is trying to get Han Solo fired as captain of the Millennium Falcon.
Star WarsDamien Meyer/AFP/Getty ImagesWhat better pit crew for a Grand Prix than an organized set of Storm Troopers?
Suns Star WarsChristian Petersen/Getty Images"Star Wars" characters at a Suns game, with Steve Nash as wise old sage Obi Wan Kenobi.
Evan ScribnerAP Photo/Charles KrupaWalk with a Yoda backpack while a member of the Padres, Evan Scribner did.
Mat LatosChristopher Hanewinckel/US PresswireAnd here's ex-Padres pitcher Mat Latos with a Storm Trooper backpack. San Diego, everyone.
Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos fansGetty ImagesAll right, we're confused -- which, Raiders fan or Broncos fan, is the "Star Wars" character?
Jose ReyesScott Cunningham/Getty Images He once was a New York Met, but Jose Reyes since has joined the Dark Side (Miami Marlins).
Jason BayAdam Rubin/ESPNNewYork.comOr are the Mets the Dark Side? We're confused.
Seattle Storm TropperJeff Reinking/NBAE/Getty ImagesGet it? Seattle Storm? Storm Trooper? Gotta admit, actually -- that's pretty clever.
Seahawks FanJonathan Ferrey/Getty ImagesWith Pete Carroll a bit Yoda-esque, is it any wonder Seahawks fans are on the "Star Wars" train?
Star WarsSteve Mitchell/US PresswireScout and Storm Troopers enter a 2011 Marlins game. They were the only people in attendance.
Storm Trooper & SF Giants AP Photo/Jeff ChiuFans storm the field at baseball games, and look at what happens.

Now how about some "Star Wars" fireworks from after a Los Angeles Dodgers game?

Patrick Dorsey is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor for He has worked for the Web and newspapers. He also played in one Division-III golf tournament (he shot 105).



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