Twitter pics: 2012 NBA playoffs haircuts

May, 12, 2012
San Antonio barber Roberto Ferrel, aka Rob the Solution, grabbed some attention this week for his amazing Tony Parker MVP haircut (check out the video here).

But the Parker is just one of many cuts to be seen on fans' heads during the 2012 NBA playoffs. Here are some of the best, from Twitter:

Ferrel's Parker:

Another San Antonio Spurs cut from Ferrel, Tim Duncan:

Manu Ginobili:

New York Knicks:

The Oklahoma City Thunder:

The Chicago Bulls:

One for the Los Angeles Lakers:

One for Lakers star Kobe Bryant:

Another Kobe:

Of course, that's not the first Lakers cut we've seen. As a bonus, here are some older shots of a certain 2012 NBA playoff participant -- starting Saturday night, at least -- who has given his own teams some creative hair tributes over the years:

Ron ArtestLisa Blumenfeld/Getty ImagesMetta World Peace, then Ron Artest, in a 2009 preseason game with the Lakers.
Ron ArtestNoah Graham/NBAE/Getty ImagesHere's Artest in early 2009, paying tribute to the Rockets while playing against the Lakers.
Ron ArtestSam Forencich/NBAE/Getty Images...and finally, Artest in 2007, as a member of the Sacramento Kings.
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