In pictures: The rainbow of sports venues!

May, 13, 2012
You’re a billionaire. You love tennis. So you make it a point to hold a tennis tournament … on blue clay.

Yeah, the color contrast ticks off the world’s elite tennis players, who tried to win this week's Madrid Open. But that didn't prevent the peacock impulses of Romanian billionaire Ion Tiriac from adding another venue into the rainbow of stadiums to feature wacky hues in odd places.

Enjoy! Or don't, if you've got sensitive eyes.

Red: The football field turf at Eastern Washington University.

Roos FieldJames Snook/US PresswireRoos Field could double as a three-hour commercial for sore eye drops.

Orange: The checkerboard end zones of the Tennessee Volunteers.

VolunteersJoe Robbins/Getty ImagesIf the Vols keep struggling, fans might find more excitement at actual checker tournaments.

Yellow: Fields of sunflowers during the Tour de France.

Tour de FranceMichael Steele/Getty ImagesIt's only an eyesore if your eyes are watering because you're allergic to all that pollen.

Green: Fenway Park’s Green Monster.

Cody RossJim Rogash/Getty ImagesSure, it's a fan favorite. But it's a sight that's caused sore eyes for many a slugger over the years.

Blue: That clay at Madrid.

Janko TipsarevicPedro Armestre/AFP/Getty ImagesAh, blue clay. Finally, we know what it'd look like if Boise State hosted the NCAA tennis finals.

Purple: The Wrigley Field board, repainted for Northwestern football.

Wrigley FieldJerry Lai/US PresswireNorthwestern turned Wrigley purple back in 2010. And whaddaya know, the home team lost.

And, because why not …

White: As in, football fields covered with snow.

PatriotsAP Photo/Winslow TownsonThese flurry-filled fields are known to cause players to slip and slide. (Leon Lett, anyone?)
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