Reliving LeBron & Durant's 1st showdown

With the NBA Finals upon us, much is being made of LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant -- and rightly so, as the pair went 1-2 in MVP voting before leading their respective teams to conference titles.

But while this is the first major on-court battle between the two, it's not the first time James and Durant have squared off in a much-hyped sporting event. That came last November, when a series of flag football games and Tweets led to what ESPN's own Brian Windhorst dubbed "the super bowl of flag football."

A full football crew. Pro-like unis. More than 70,000 Ustream viewers. One close showdown.

Let's recap, with photos courtesy of State Farm Nation on Facebook.

Team Bron assembled in colors similar to James' high school (St. Vincent-St. Mary).

Team KD, meanwhile, went with Longhorn-inspired threads.

James caught a number of TD passes during his big football debut.

Durant, too, found himself going out for throws.

It added up to a tight game with seconds to go, and Team Bron with the ball. ...

... James' team pulled together, scoring a late touchdown and sealing the game on a late interception -- by LeBron himself. Who says he isn't clutch?

No wonder he got the game ball (before signing it for a @statefarmnation giveaway).

Now the only question is: Will this result repeat when the two play a big series of basketball?