2012 NBA mock draft -- as done by artists

Chad Ford has predicted (and is still predicting).

Ford and Bill Simmons have grappled.

And five Insider experts have put together their own version of how they think things should go in Thursday night's NBA draft (7 p.m. on ESPN).

But here's another look. Literally. It's an artistic take, from the NBA-themed site Double Scribble, on how site curators and creators Nick Kastner and Mike McGrath think things might go on the league's big night.

Andre Drummond

Double Scribble's take: "I bet he slides to the late lottery -- too much risk involved."

Jared Sullinger

Double Scribble's take: "Real shame the league flagged Sully’s back. I think some team’s gonna get a real nice bargain on him a hell of a lot later than they should be."

Jeremy Lamb

Double Scribble's take: "I like a lot of aspects of his game, love his effort on D, but he’s got a long way to go and definitely needs to pack some pounds onto that frame."

Thomas Robinson

Double Scribble's take: "It’s looking like he’ll either go 2 or 5. The Kings would be lucky if he slid [to 5] -- a [DeMarcus] Cousins-Robinson front court would be beastly."

Bradley Beal

Double Scribble's take: "It looks like the Wizards are preparing to add him to their roster [at No. 3]."

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Double Scribble's take: "The predicted No. 2 pick. How far will he slide?"

Harrison Barnes

Double Scribble's take: "I bet [Michael] Jordan goes all fanboy on us and picks him No. 2."

Anthony Davis

Double Scribble's take: "Welp. This turned out terrifying. I apologize for that. Your first overall pick, ladies and gentlemen."