Morales inspires multihomer inning quiz

July, 31, 2012
On Monday, Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Kendrys Morales achieved one of the rarest of baseball feats: He hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning, something that has now happened just three times in Major League history.

Homering twice in one inning, though? That's a more frequent occurrence, with 50-plus players pulling that off since the first one (the Boston Red Stockings' Charley Jones) in 1880.

So test yourself: Can you name these 18 players who have doubled up? (We promise Charley Jones is not one of them.)

Juan RiveraAP Photo/Charles Cherney
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TatisGetty Images
Pablo SandovalAP Photo/Ben Margot
Michael CuddyerJesse Johnson/US Presswire
Alex RodriguezAP Photo/Matt Slocum
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Andre DawsonGeorge Gojkovich/Getty Images
Willie McCoveyDiamond Images/Getty Images
KingGeorge Gojkovich/Getty Images
Carlos BaergaGetty Images
Mark BellhornAP Photo/Darren Hauck
Juan UribeEzra Shaw/Getty Images
World Series Timeline - 1937AP Photo
World Series Timeline - 1993AP Photo/Mark Duncan
16. (the guy on the right)
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1. Juan Rivera: June 19, 2004 -- then with Montreal Expos (pictured with Angels)

2. Dale Murphy: July 27, 1989 -- Atlanta Braves

3. Fernando Tatis: April 23, 1999 -- St. Louis Cardinals (both grand slams; first and only player to achieve this)

4. Pablo Sandoval: Sept. 18, 2011 -- San Francisco Giants (most recent before Morales)

5. Michael Cuddyer: Aug. 23, 2009 -- Minnesota Twins (most recent in A.L. before Morales)

6. Oh, you know this guy. (Alex Rodriguez: Sept. 5, 2007 -- New York Yankees)

7. Jared Sandberg: June 11, 2002 -- Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Sandberg's uncle, Ryne, did not homer twice in an inning during his storied career)

8. Andre Dawson: July 30, 1978, and Sept. 24, 1985 -- Montreal Expos (one of three players to do it twice)

9. Willie McCovey: April 12, 1973, and June 27, 1977 -- San Francisco Giants (pictured with San Diego Padres)

10. Jeff King: April 8, 1995, and April 30, 1996 -- Pittsburgh Pirates (only player to do it in back-to-back seasons)

11. Carlos Baerga: April 8, 1993 -- Cleveland Indians (the first of the three to do it from both sides of the plate)

12. Mark Bellhorn: August 29, 2002 -- Chicago Cubs (the second of the three)

13. Juan Uribe: Sept. 23, 2010 -- San Francisco Giants (three of last four to do it in N.L. have been Giants; Bengie Molina the other)

14. Joe DiMaggio: June 24, 1936 -- New York Yankees (heard of him?)

15. Joe Carter: Oct. 3, 1993 -- Toronto Blue Jays (the latest ever to do it, on the last day of the regular season; perhaps a harbinger of future home run success for the World Series hero?)

16. Mike Cameron: May 2, 2002 -- Seattle Mariners (in the first inning)

17. Bret Boone: May 2, 2002 -- Seattle Mariners (also in the first inning; no other players have done the double homer on the same day, let alone on the same team and in the same inning ... and they were back-to-back ... and Cameron finished the game with four).

18. Aaron Boone: Aug. 9, 2002 -- Cincinnati Reds (Yes, the younger Boone achieved the feat just three months after his brother, years before becoming a Boston Red Sox killer with the New York Yankees.)

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