Then & Now: USA basketball's blowouts

August, 3, 2012
The Dream Team and today's team: forever linked in history.

As debate subjects -- as in, which one's better?

As gold medalists -- that is, if the 2012 Team USA men win.

And now, after a 156-73 rout of Nigeria, as owners of signature blowouts in the early stage of the Olympics.

Yes, these two pseudo-enemies are more similar than you'd think, with the 1992 team dominating Angola 116-48 -- at the time the largest-ever Olympics win by a team filled with pros -- and the 2012 version offering that stunning win Thursday.

Even the pictures agree. So let's embrace these teams' similarities, not differences, as we look back at those earth-shattering routs:

Ewing and ChandlerGetty ImagesTwo teams, two New York Knicks centers (Patrick Ewing and Tyson Chandler) protecting the rim.

Magic Johnson and LeBron JamesGetty ImagesTwo teams, two basketball wizards (Magic Johnson and LeBron James) checking the scoreboard.

Dream TeamMike Powell/Getty Images
Team USAChristian Petersen/Getty ImagesTwo teams, two sets of players -- some legendary, some not as much -- who know how to strut.

Michael JordanMike Powell/Getty Images
Russell WestbrookJesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty ImagesTwo teams, two experts at figuring their way through and around flailing defensive players.

USA HoopsAP Photo/John Gaps III
USA HoopsTimothy Clary/AFP/Getty ImagesTwo triumphant teams, but only one general way to celebrate, American-style.
Patrick Dorsey is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor for He has worked for the Web and newspapers. He also played in one Division-III golf tournament (he shot 105).



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