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Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Mascots react to Forbes 'favorite' list

By Patrick Dorsey

Forbes recently released its list of America's Favorite Sports Mascots, which used a fan survey to judge the popularity of sideline characters who support our professional teams.

On the list? Mr. Met (No. 1), the Phillie Phanatic (2) and nine more mascots -- which leaves a lot of disappointed foam and/or furry friends whose fans didn't give them enough love.

Luckily, photographers were around to capture their reactions:

Orioles mascot
Since missing the list, going to work just hasn't been the same for Baltimore's Oriole Bird.
Hugo the Hornet
Marisa Miller
A sympathy hug from Marisa Miller was a nice consolation prize for Lou Seal of the S.F. Giants.
Paul Pierce
The Atlanta Hawks' Skyhawk didn't waste words in giving his thoughts on the fan vote.
The Memphis Grizzlies' Grizz kept up appearances, but couldn't help feeling hollow inside.
Newark Bears Mascot Ruppert
Ruppert shouldn't be too upset; his Newark Bears aren't even an affiliated minor league team.
Clipper Darrell
Well, Clipper Darrell isn't the official L.A. mascot, so...
Eagles Mascot
Swoop from the Eagles just couldn't take it anymore, and went out in a barrage of snowballs.
Pittsburgh Pirates
"Ah, well. I'm used to losing." --the Pittsburgh Pirates' Pirate Parrot