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Friday, May 4, 2012
Gallery: Sports and 'Star Wars' intersect

By Patrick Dorsey

May the Fourth be with you! That's right, it's Star Wars Day once again.

For a story on nerds and jocks converging on this momentous occasion, read Playbook Fandom's piece. Then check out this gallery of images, in which sports and our favorite space-based saga (sorry, Trekkies) intersect.

Chewbacca's curve is wicked, but Darth Vader's fastball has Force (heh).
Amanda Lucas
Amanda Lucas, daughter of George, is an MMA fighter who doesn't deny her "Star Wars" connection.
Darth Vader
Even an oversize Mark Grace can't help but bow down before Darth Vader.
Dwight Howard
Unconfirmed rumor: Dwight Howard is trying to get Han Solo fired as captain of the Millennium Falcon.
Star Wars
What better pit crew for a Grand Prix than an organized set of Storm Troopers?
Suns Star Wars
"Star Wars" characters at a Suns game, with Steve Nash as wise old sage Obi Wan Kenobi.
Evan Scribner
Walk with a Yoda backpack while a member of the Padres, Evan Scribner did.
Mat Latos
And here's ex-Padres pitcher Mat Latos with a Storm Trooper backpack. San Diego, everyone.
Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos fans
All right, we're confused -- which, Raiders fan or Broncos fan, is the "Star Wars" character?
Jose Reyes
He once was a New York Met, but Jose Reyes since has joined the Dark Side (Miami Marlins).
Jason Bay
Or are the Mets the Dark Side? We're confused.
Seattle Storm Tropper
Get it? Seattle Storm? Storm Trooper? Gotta admit, actually -- that's pretty clever.
Seahawks Fan
With Pete Carroll a bit Yoda-esque, is it any wonder Seahawks fans are on the "Star Wars" train?
Star Wars
Scout and Storm Troopers enter a 2011 Marlins game. They were the only people in attendance.
Storm Trooper & SF Giants
Fans storm the field at baseball games, and look at what happens.

Now how about some "Star Wars" fireworks from after a Los Angeles Dodgers game?