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Thursday, July 19, 2012
Photos: Knicks' starting PGs in last decade

By Patrick Dorsey

Jeremy Lin is gone, now just a statistic. Sure, Linsanity took over New York and had Knicks fans buzzing for that brief time, but in the end, he is simply one of many point guards to have started in Gotham in the past decade.

Per game logs from Basketball Reference and, 18 players have manned the New York starting point position since 2002-03. Sure, a lot of teams see tumult at the 1, but there's just something about looking back at all the Knicks turnover over the years and all the big names involved, however briefly ...

Charlie Ward
Van Gundy/Ward
A Heisman winner, Ward spent several fruitful years in New York before being traded in 2003-04.
Howard Eisley
Howard Eisley
Eisley was Ward's replacement, starting 76 games in 2002-03 before also leaving in the Ward trade.
Frank Williams
Baron Davis, Frank Williams
Williams made three starts in three Knicks seasons. But wait -- doesn't that other guy look familiar?
Stephon Marbury
Stephon Marbury
He came over in that 2003-04 trade and made almost 300 starts for the Knicks.
Steve Francis
Steve Francis
Can't say the same about this two-year failed Knicks experiment.
Nate Robinson
No disaster here; Robinson was a super sub, a spot starter and a three-time Slam Dunk champ.
Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford
More a combo or a 2, Crawford made the occasional point guard start in four-plus New York seasons.
Mardy Collins
Mardy Collins
Another multiposition player, Collins occasionally played point in his two-plus seasons with the Knicks.
Chris Duhon
Kobe Bryant
Chris Duhon, left, held down the position for more than 130 starts in two New York seasons.
Tracy McGrady
Tracy McGrady
Typically more of a winger, McGrady nevertheless played point a few times as a Knick in 2009-10.
Toney Douglas
A Rocket after three seasons as a Knick, Douglas started his career strong but posted a dud 2011-12.
Sergio Rodriguez
Nate Robinson
Rodriguez had a brief stint in New York before returning to play in his native Spain.
Chauncey Billups
Chauncey Billups
Now a Clipper, Billups came over in the Melo trade but lasted only 21 games in New York.
Iman Shumpert
Iman Shumbert
The high-flying Shumpert did OK as a rookie but sustained a devastating injury late in 2012.
Baron Davis
Davis was supposed to be the guy in 2011-12, but injuries held him back. Now he is a free agent.
Mike Bibby
Mike Bibby and Mike Woodson
Without Davis, Shump or Lin, Bibby started a few regular-season games and one in the playoffs.
Jeremy Lin
In the end, he'll have made fewer starts for the Knicks than Eisley, Duhon, Francis and ...
Raymond Felton
Raymond Felton
Well, well. Welcome back, Mr. Felton.