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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Flashback: From Red Sox to Pinstripes

By Patrick Dorsey

The New York Yankees on Monday made a relatively minor move: They signed 39-year-old Derek Lowe to supplement their bullpen.

But one thing that makes it noteworthy is Lowe's past: The right-hander spent seven-plus years with the Boston Red Sox, finishing third in the Cy Young Award voting in 2002, saving 42 games in 2000, and starting (and winning) a game in Boston's breakthrough 2004 World Series.

Now he becomes one of the dozens who have gone from Boston to the Bronx, whether directly or through rather circuitous routes. Here's a photographic look at seven noteworthy names -- many of whom, like Lowe, very quickly earned Yankees fans' affections despite having played for the enemy:

Doug Mientkiewicz
Red Sox career: Just part of one year, but one World Series (in 2004) after a midseason trade.
Doug Mientkiewicz
Yankees career: In one year (2007), posted a .277/.349/.440 mark while playing his typically solid D.

Sparky Lyle
Sox career: From 1967 to '71, the reliever posted a 2.85 ERA, 69 saves and one clean look.
Sparky Lyle
Yankees career: Mustachioed, he played from '72 to '78 in NYC, leading the league in saves twice.

Luis Tiant
Sox career: El Tiante, the Cuban great, went 122-81 with a 3.36 ERA from '71 to '78.
Luis Tiant
Yankees career: Another to go straight to NYC, Tiant pitched '79 and '80 there (21-17, 4.31).

Wade Boggs
Sox career: 11 years, five batting titles, eight All-Star Games, and yet ...
Wade Boggs
Yankees career: ... Boggs went right to NYC, where he made four more All-Star teams in five years.

Sox career: The scraggly Damon earned two All-Star trips -- and one big Series -- from '02 to '05.
David Ortiz and Johnny Damon
Yankees career: The clean-shaven Damon was hated around Boston but mended fences with the likes of David Ortiz, left. He played well from '06 to '09 and helped New York win the '09 Series.

Roger Clemens
Sox career: Just 192 wins, three Cy Young Awards and one MVP, from 1984 to 1996.
Roger Clemens
Yankees career: A Cy Young Award, 83 more wins, two Series titles -- and quite the controversy.

Babe Ruth
Sox career: Remember this guy? He won 89 games and posted a 2.19 ERA in six seasons with the Sox. He left behind a curse, too, but hey -- not even Ruth is perfect.
Babe Ruth
Yankees career: Case in point that nobody's perfect: Ruth posted a 5.52 ERA with the Yankees. But he did some hitting, too, with 659 home runs mashed in the Bronx. And he built a house.