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Friday, September 7, 2012
Agony of Defeat: Eli Manning feels the pain

By The Agony of Defeat
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Losses. Bad breaks. When these things happen, players and coaches and fans wear the fallout on their faces, showing a side of sports that's painful -- but also compelling. Playbook is working with the Tumblr "The Agony of Defeat" to find the most eye-catching photographic examples each week.

Here are the selections from the past seven days:

Eli Manning
Return of the Manning Face? Eli certainly didn't look happy after his team's season-opening loss.

Brandin Hawthorne
A blowout loss to Alabama had the Michigan Wolverines' Brandin Hawthorne sad on the sideline.

Oscar Pistorius and Alan Oliveira
The Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius (left), was shocked by Brazil's Alan Oliveira in the 2012 London Paralympics' 200-meter event. Pistorius later asserted that Oliveira used superior technology.

Luis Suarez
Liverpool's Luis Suarez failed to score, and he showed the aftermath during his club's goalless loss to Arsenal, which sent the Reds to their worst start to an English season since 1962.

Boise State
Boise State didn't just lose to Michigan State last Friday -- it failed to score an offensive touchdown for the first time since a shutout against the Washington State Cougars in 1997.

Andy Roddick
It wasn't quite agony for Roddick. Just the tears that accompanied his leaving the game for good.
To see more photos like this, visit The Agony of Defeat on Tumblr.