One more to go

July, 16, 2009
1:05 a.m. ET: Poker fans everywhere could be getting their "one time." Phil Ivey just eliminated Jamie Robbins in 11th place to create the 10-player final table in the main event. The last three eliminations have happened within the last 20 minutes, with the latest being Robbins.

A shock fell among the Amazon Room after the elimination of Billy Kopp was mentioned. For most of the day, Kopp was our chip leader, but he got involved in a hand with Darvin Moon, and both players flopped flushes. After a flop of Kd-9d-2d, Kopp led out for $750,000 and Moon called. The turn was another 2. Kopp bet $2 million. Moon raised to $6 million, Kopp moved in for $20 million, and Moon called! Moon showed Qd-Jd to beat Kopp's 3d-5d. Absolutely unbelievable.

And then there were 10. Here's a look at the chip counts:

Darvin Moon $45.1 million

Eric Buchman $35.0 million

Steven Begleiter $30.3 million

Jeff Shulman $22.6 million

Jordan Smith $15.0 million

Joseph Cada $13.2 million

Kevin Schaffel $10.8 million

Antoine Saout $10.0 million

Phil Ivey $9.7 million

James Akenhead $5.5 million

Andrew Feldman is's Poker Editor. He is the host of the Poker Edge Podcast and co-host of ESPN Inside Deal. Andrew has covered the poker industry for ESPN since 2004.



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