Morning Links: Playoff chances take a hit

Good morning. In this ESPN Insider piece, Danny Tuccitto of Football Outsiders examines the NFL’s most likely teams to reach the postseason. After a loss to Denver dropping them to 4-5, the Chargers are No. 10 in the AFC, given a 10.7 percent chance of making the postseason. Denver is No. 1 with a 99.9 percent playoff odds, followed by New England (96.5 percent) and Cincinnati (90.4).

Chargers running back Ronnie Brown makes the NFL Network’s list of the top 10 plays from Week 10 for jumping over teammate Le’Ron McClain in a short yardage run. Check out the video link.

San Diego coach Mike McCoy has become a regular on Bill Barnwell of Grantland’s weekly column “Thank You for Not Coaching.” Barnwell’s praises McCoy for calling a successful fake punt early in the opening quarter, but admonishes him for kicking an extra point down 28-19 with 11 minutes left. Barnwell: “Why should the Chargers go for two in this situation? Well, it's a decision that comes up in this space all the time. If you go for the two-pointer now and succeed, you can kick the extra point later. If you go for it now and fail, you're in bad shape, but at least you have 11 minutes knowing you need two scores, not just one. If you kick the extra point now and wait until later to try the two-point conversion, the only way the situation changes is that you're far more screwed by failure. You're bound to have way less time left on the clock to pick up that extra possession you suddenly need.”

Troy Hirsch of Fox Ch. 5 San Diego writes that cornerback Johnny Patrick is the “Instragam King” for the Chargers, with more than 74,000 followers.

Ricky Henne of Chargers.com reports that San Diego Punter Mike Schfres has been particularly effective lately.

Richard Wade of Bolts From The Blue questions McDoy’s decision-making skills.

I debate Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith from the Mighty 1090 AM radio on that same issue in this audio link.

Tom Krasovic of U-T San Diego gets a head start on scouting the Miami Dolphins.