Andy Reid on Mike McCoy: 'He's top notch'

SAN DIEGO -- Kansas City coach Andy Reid said that he knew Mike McCoy was coaching material back in Green Bay in 1995, when he served as a backup quarterback on the Packers’ practice squad.

Reid worked as Green Bay’s offensive line coach at the time, and compared McCoy to Doug Pederson, another Green Bay quarterback who now works as the offensive coordinator for Kansas City.

“They just got it,” Reid said. “They were great with people. They understood football, and not just offensive football. They understood the game. And I saw that in Mike. You could see it when he was just a pup. When you’re in a meeting you kind of go, ‘Man, that’d guy be a great coach.’”

With the Chargers 4-6 and in the midst of a three-game losing streak, McCoy’s received some criticism for his game-management skills, which has included some mismanagement of late-game situations and conservative decision making. But Reid believes the Chargers hired the right guy.

“Let me tell you something -- you guys have a phenomenal head coach,” Reid said. “I’m just telling you. He’s top notch. .. And that’s hard for a BYU guy to say about a Utah guy.”

Reid played offensive line and coached at Brigham Young University, while McCoy played quarterback at the University of Utah.

Reid also addressed speculation he had interest in the head coaching vacancy in San Diego last offseason. Those rumors never came to fruition because Reid took his first visit to Kansas City and never left.

Reid grew up a couple hours north of San Diego in Los Angeles, and still has a home in the area.

“First of all, I think the Spanos family is phenomenal and the organization is phenomenal,” he said. “It never went there like that. I met with [Chiefs CEO] Clark Hunt, and that’s where it kind of started and ended. I didn’t really go anywhere else or do anything.”