Bust a move: McCoy plays practice music

SAN DIEGO -- Coach Mike McCoy must be loosening up -- just a little bit.

For the first time during his tenure as head coach of the San Diego Chargers, McCoy played music during practice on the opening day of minicamp for the team.

Players could be seen bobbing heads and tapping toes as a mix of rap, country and arena rock blared over the speakers at Chargers Park.

"We put someone in charge early this morning to get a mix for us," McCoy said. "No. 1, we’re going to be playing on the road, where it’s going to be loud from time to time. And when we’re playing at home it’s going to be loud, too, and that’s the environment we want to have when our defense is out there -- playing loud and having a good time.

"We decided to play it during the two-minute drill, some country music, and some other forms of music I don’t know a whole lot about, to be honest. If it’s not Kenny Chesney I’m not listening to a lot of it, but it’s better than listening to airplane music for a two-minute drill."

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said the music during practice was a good change of pace for what can become a monotonous time of year.

"I didn’t know that was happening until about a couple minutes before practice," Rivers said. "It was fine. It actually added a little energy to stretch and the individual period. In the two-minute period it was loud. It was probably louder than the standard, static crowd noise that we have. I thought it was all right."

Of course, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has become somewhat noteworthy for hiring a DJ and playing music during his practices in Seattle, and before that at USC. With training camp practices dubbed "Club Carroll", the Seahawks coach believes music adds energy and creates some fun for players when they hear their favorite song during practice.

Chargers running back Ryan Mathews agrees with that sentiment.

"It was fun," Mathews said. "It was something different. Minicamp is supposed to be fun. Football is a fun game, and Coach (McCoy) just added another level to it. It’s a great feeling."