Chat wrap: Is NFC getting weak?

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Here are some highlights of our San Francisco 49ers' chat, held Thursday:

Derek from Ohio: When the 49ers get healthy, are they the NFC favorites?

Bill Williamson: Up there with Seattle and New Orleans. With the NFC East down and Atlanta 1-4 and the NFC North kind of bunched up, the NFC may not be as strong as it has been the past few years. That could benefit the 49ers. But they have a good at New Orleans and at home against Seattle. Must wins.

Vincent: At the beginning of the 2013 campaign, it was established that the 49ers would have to dump a whole lot of money into contract extensions for Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith as soon as they completed their third year in the league. Given everything that has happened to him, will the team hold off on negotiations with Smith, and perhaps even wait until his contract year?

BW: I think they have to wait and see if he can stay out of trouble before giving him a big deal. That could pave the way for others deals such as Mike Iupati and Michael Crabtree.

Teresa: If Marcus Lattimore, Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial become the players we hoped -- do you think this would dramatically change the face of the 49ers?

BW: Oh yeah. That's some talent. I am huge, huge on Carradine, going to be a star.