Report: More trouble possible for Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith's issues stemming from a June 2012 party at his house may extend beyond a lawsuit.

The San Jose Mercury News reports the San Francisco 49ers' star third-year pass-rusher could face gun charges as well. The paper reports the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office may be moving toward charging Smith on possession illegal assault rifles. Those charges that carry a range of possible punishments, from probation to three years in jail.

Smith bought the weapons in Arizona where they are legal, but allegedly failed to modify them to comply with California's stricter gun laws, the paper reported. Three guns were found by Santa Clara County sheriffs deputies after a house party hosted by Smith and his roommate last year. Smith was stabbed at the party.

Smith is facing a lawsuit stemming from the party by a man who was shot there. Smith’s roommate reportedly hosted the party at the house per Smith’s permission. Smith also is facing a negligence lawsuit filed months ago by an Alameda County man, who was shot in the leg. Party-goers were reportedly charged a cover and drinks were available for a cost.

Smith politely deflected questions about the law suit in the 49ers’ locker-room Wednesday. He said he is focusing on the start of the season.

The NFL could potentially fine him, per the personal conduct policy if these issues continue. Smith had a drunk driving charge reduced to reckless driving last year.