Kaepernick different QB in wins and losses

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- It would be unfair to pin the San Francisco 49ers' three losses on quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The entire offense has slumped together in the team’s losses. But there is no doubt -- when Kaepernick plays well, the 49ers win; when he doesn’t play well, the 49ers lose.

Consider these numbers from ESPN Stats & Information:

The 49ers are averaging 34.7 points in their six victories. They are averaging 6.3 points in their three losses. That’s a four touchdown swing.

Kaepernick’s Total QBR is a whopping 90.8 in their 49ers’ wins. It’s a paltry 10.8 in the team’s defeats. It’s by far the worst win-loss differential in the NFL.

Kaepernick has thrown nine touchdown passes and one interception in the 49ers’ wins. He has no touchdown passes and has thrown five interceptions in the defeats.

Kaepernick is completing 60.8 percent of his passes in wins. It drops to 48.1 in losses

The 49ers average 380 yards in wins and 204 yards in losses.

Kaepernick’s yards per pass attempt is 9.1 in wins and 4.8 yards in losses.

Again, it would be inaccurate to say the 49ers have lost because of Kaepernick. But as much as he has helped the team win six games, he has played a role in the losses.