Must happen/Can't happen in Washington

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Here is a look at what the San Francisco 49ers must do and can't do Monday night at the Washington Redskins:

Must happen: The 49ers need to get off to a fast start. Monday night games on the road are tough duty. Fans are sky high and the home team always wants to put on a good show. The 49ers are a better team than Washington, so they have to set the tone by taking the Redskins out of the game early. San Francisco has to cast doubt in the minds of the fans and the players quickly by putting up a couple of quick touchdowns.

Can’t happen: The 49ers can’t let Robert Griffin III have a big night. Griffin has struggled often this season as he comes back from a knee injury. But he has ability. Still, San Francisco’s defense has been playing at a high level, so it would be a surprise if it lets Griffin take over. But if he does, the 49ers could be in danger of losing their third straight game.