Chat wrap: Talking playoffs

Here are some highlights of our San Francisco 49ers' chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Ump from Italy: What do you think will be the toughest task in facing the Panthers Sunday in Carolina? Their front 4 seem very dominant; I am worried Kap may be getting his jersey covered in grass stains.

Bill Williamson: Definitely front seven. Top notch unit, Kaepernick has to get the ball out quickly.

RDC from Clovis, CA.: Hey Bill, the Niners have shown that they are built to play anywhere and everywhere. That being said, this is a 10am kick off for them and if they get off to a slow start and fall behind, it could be tough sledding against Carolina's vicious D. Do you see this being a factor?

BW: They have been good under Harbaugh in early starts. Been practicing early. Will arrive Friday. Doing all they can there.

Nick Habib from New York: Would you consider a @GB, @Carolina, @Seattle, and vs. Denver run to be the most impressive in NFL history based on degree of difficulty?

BW: I'd have to think about it. Off top of my head, what Giants did two years ago was big.