Kaepernick defines game with pocket success

Colin Kaepernick continues to define his game with the backing of production.

He is probably known more as a runner than a pure passer because of his insane speed and record-181 rushing performance in the playoffs last year.

However, Kaepernick, who threw for a career-high 412 yards against Green Bay on Sunday, has the statistical backing to prove he is an excellent quarterback in the classic sense: He has dominated from inside the pocket.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, since last season, Kaepernick has thrown just two interceptions on 204 pass attempts from inside the pocket. The NFL averages for interceptions thrown inside the pocket is one every 38 passes. Kaepernick is at a clip of one every 102 passes from inside the pocket.

His pocket success doesn’t stop there. Kaepernick is completing 66.2 percent of his pocket throws, compared to the league average of 62.2. His yards-per-attempt average of 9.1 leads the NFL.

This is just more proof that Kaepernick is as solid with his arm as his feet. He has to be considered much more than simply a running quarterback.