Chat wrap: salary-cap talk

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Derek from Illinois: If the 49ers cut Carlos Rogers they would have a little over 12 million in cap space for the upcoming season. With that much space it should be plausible to at least sign Boldin and Whitner correct?

Bill Williamson: They can do plenty of things. They are currently set to be about (nothing is set in stone) about $8 million. They can tweak some deals and cut Rogers and be fine.

Thomas from Washington State: How goes it Bill? I was wondering if Lattimore is as bad of a RB as I have been hearing why keep Gore? Lattimore, Hunter, and James sounds like a perfect 3-headed monster to me. Thanks.

BW: Got to see if [Marcus] Lattimore can stay healthy. I think [Frank] Gore has one more season in San Francisco.

Jean Claude from Vermont: What do you think is the furthest the Niners would move up in the first round for a receiver?

BW: Tough question. Getting [Sammy] Watkins may require a move into the top five. But there is a group of guys they can get in the 16-20 range. They made that move to get Eric Reid last year and I can see the same thing happening this year.