49ers-Seahawks game-day chatter

SEATTLE – The San Francisco 49ers' huge Sunday night matchup at Seattle was a big topic on ESPN’s "Sunday NFL Countdown." Here are some highlights from the show:


Tom Jackson: “No one knows how to finish better than the San Francisco 49ers.”

Ray Lewis: “We always talk about these ‘cute positions’ – the quarterback, the wide receiver – everybody wants to be cute, right? This game will simply be won by the front seven on one side of the ball or another. … I like what San Fran has around Patrick Willis. Anytime you can put that many pieces around Patrick Willis, with a playmaker like him … those guys, right now, if I had to go back, reminisce just a little bit, I could say they remind me of what [the Ravens in] 2000 actually looked like on defense.”

Mike Ditka: “Which team can impose their will physically on the other ball club? … The team that’s going to run the ball best is going to play the best football game.”


Keyshawn Johnson: “Every single week going back to last year, he just gets better and better and better. The Green Bay Packer game, he didn’t even use his legs – threw for 400 yards.”