Chat wrap: Why drafting WR is vital

Here are highlights from our San Francisco 49ers' chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Hunter from Mapleton, PA.: Would Clemson QB Tajh Boyd be a good fit with the 49ers, do u think they will use a draft pick on him or sign him as an undrafted free agent

Bill Williamson: If he's there late in the third, I might take him to develop him as a backup or as a trade piece down road.

Patrick from NY: Why does everyone say we need to catch up to the Seahawks, we were so close to beating them in their own building. They win in their home. We win in ours, we need to get home field and not worry about just 2 games correct?

BW: Bottom line: Seahawks are world champions. Everyone else must catch up. Just the way it is.

Derek from Illinois: If Boldin is resigned there is no reason to draft a WR in the first round since this is being regarded as the deepest WR class in years correct? Corner in the first and then a couple shots at WR.

BW: Lots of good, young receivers out there. The 49ers need to grab one. Boldin only has a couple of years left. Plus, more offense to beat Seattle's defense.