Chat wrap: Logan Thomas on the horizon?

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Curt from Canada: How worried are you about our secondary?

Bill Williamson: If they get a top CB in the draft they should be just fine. There’s talent there. Culliver is good. But with that said, I think it would have benefited them to re-sign T. Brown or if they signed Thurmond.

Jason from Southern Calif.: Hi Bill, thanks for taking the time. What are the possibilities that the Niners trade up in the first round, say, into the top 10 for a DB like Justin Gilbert or top 20 for a WR like Marquise Lee? And knowing they are going to draft a QB, who do you think it will be, and when?

BW: Addressing the first round on the blog tomorrow. As for the QB, kind got a feeling about Logan Thomas who Harbaugh lunched with yesterday. Can't you see Thomas intriguing the QB Whisperer?

Cody from Seattle: Thanks for your time, Bill. Is it just me or do the 49ers have a lot of catching up to do in the draft? Every team in the division has gotten stronger especially with what looks like Jared Allen going to Seattle and Antonio Cromartie signing with Arizona.

BW: In the Cardinals and Rams case, they have to catch up with the 49ers. Don’t get too caught up in FA additions. Got to look at total program. The Raiders were awfully busy in FA. Would you make them favorite in the AFC West?