Poll results: Less is more in draft picks

The San Francisco 49ers have six picks -- the most in the NFL -- in the first three rounds of May 8-10 draft. With a loaded roster, it is no surprise many fans want to see the team get quality over quantity.

In our poll this week, we asked readers how many of those picks in the first three rounds do they want to see the 49ers use. Our winning option was 3-4 picks. As of 4:45 p.m. ET Tuesday, 67 percent of the votes cast want to see the 49ers take 3-4 picks in the first two days of the draft and trade the others. The three other options all lagged behind.

I can’t disagree. The 49ers are in position to get a couple of impact players. The team doesn’t have much room on its 53-man roster, so it might as well add some impact, if given the opportunity. Thanks to everyone who played along.