Poll results: Boone deserves deal

Who says offensive linemen are underappreciated.

The San Francisco 49ers currently have two players -- tight end Vernon Davis and guard Alex Boone -- who have stayed away from the voluntary portion of the offseason. Both players are unhappy with their contracts.

They will not be considered a holdout unless they miss the mandatory June 17-19 minicamp.

In our poll this week, we asked who readers think deserves a new deal more. In a surprise runaway vote, Boone received 65 percent of the vote while Davis received 35 as of 11:50 p.m. ET Wednesday.

Davis, 30, is highly productive and is the third highest paid tight end in the NFL. Boone, 26, is the 38th highest paid guard in the NFL. Both players have two years left on their contracts.

I’d think Boone received so many more votes because he is younger and has not received a big pay day like Davis has.

In the end, I think, if either player gets an extension this offseason, it may be Boone. If that’s the case, it’s clear readers would agree.