PFF: 49ers have NFL's second-best roster

In an Insider piece, Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus ranked the NFL rosters from 1-32.Insider

The San Francisco 49ers are ranked at No.2, right behind NFC West rival and defending Super Bowl champion Seattle.

Here is some of what Monson wrote about the 49ers:

The Seahawks are pushed hard by their divisional rivals for the best 53-man roster in football. The 49ers' roster is so good that the team has begun essentially redshirting players in the draft, with Marcus Lattimore a year ago and Brandon Thomas this season sitting out their first year on injured reserve. Their receiving corps was an issue in 2013, but it has been remade in the offseason, and with Michael Crabtree fully recovered from his injury, it should be strength this year …The only thing separating them and the Seahawks is some question marks in the defensive secondary, where they are counting on young players to take a step forward.

My take: Perhaps you can argue the 49ers have a better all-around roster than Seattle. But the Seahawks are the champions and beat the 49ers in the postseason, so this ranking isn’t bad at all. The 49ers are elite and have a stacked roster. That can’t be denied.