Chat wrap: Trade Alex Boone?

Here are some highlights of the San Francisco 49ers’ chat, which was held earlier Wednesday:

Chris from Prov City, USA: Any chance A. Boone gets traded during camp or right after?

Bill Williamson: The 49ers want to keep Boone. They don't need a mid-round pick. They want to win now with Boone. Bottom line will be do they want to pay him? If things go way south and we hit September without any end of the holdout in sight, perhaps we could see a trade. Got to think some guards (and Boone can play tackle) will get hurt during camp.

Jason from Modesto, CA.: I was impressed with Tramaine Brock's "coming out" party last season. But Culliver and Cook haven't showed anything particularly impressive in their respective careers, so far. Throwing a rookie (Ward) into the mix, only worries me more. The 49ers struck gold with Reid last year, he was a "plug-and-play" rookie. Do you really think "they can be fine"? Because I'm worried!

BW: Yes, they can be fine. Very well coached. I bet you were worried when Brock took over and he did great. Culliver is good when healthy. Cook has to take it to the next level and Ward has big ability. There will be some growing pains, but this unit won't be awful. Truth is, Rogers and Brown are both pretty replaceable.

Brandon from Fresno,Ca.: What potential do you believe Quinton Patton has in this offense this season?

BW: Being a contributor. I mean, it's a deep group. he won't be frontline, but he can help. This is how deep this group is: Patton was the No. 3 last year. He may be No. 5 this year and he will be better.