Mailbag: 49ers' deepest position

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Time for the San Francisco 49ers weekend mail call:

Richard from Santa Cruz wants to know if I think the 49ers could trade running back Frank Gore.

Bill Williamson: I think there is no shot of that happening. He is their top running back and he is needed. Plus, the team loves him. He’s a heart-and-soul type. The 49ers’ best chance of winning a Super Bowl is with Gore.

John from Winston-Salem, N.C. wants to know how much I think the 49ers communicate with holdout guard Alex Boone.

BW: They have talked. I think Boone has talked to some people in the organization now and again since his holdout began in April, but there isn't a whole lot to say. He wants a deal. The team wants him in. It is a matter of money. His agents have talked to the 49ers and clearly there haven’t been any agreements. They will talk again I’m sure, but neither side currently looks ready to budge.

Mikey from Oakland wants to know what position do I think is the 49ers’ deepest.

BW: It’s a loaded roster so there are plenty of spots to choose from, but I have to go with the defensive line. It is so deep. The 49ers could keep 10 defensive linemen and every one of them is worthy of being in an NFL rotation. This group is going to be good for years to come. Young players such as Tony Jerod-Eddie, Ian Williams, Demarcus Dobbs, Cornellius Carradine, Quinton Dial and rookie Kaleb Ramsey are all backups. But all have big potential.