Chat wrap: Game-day chatter

ST. LOUIS -- Here are some highlights of our San Francisco 49ers' chat, which was held Thursday as we prepare for tonight’s game in St. Louis:

Evan from Portland: Hey Bill, as a Niner fan for a very, very long time, I think it's laughable that our so called fan faithful are turning on Kap so quickly after 2 games. It's even more laughable that some are wishing for Alex to come back. How do you answer questions from these people without calling them idiots?

Bill Williamson: Look, the issues are not Kaepernick's fault alone. He's not getting much help. Oh and for all of those trying to say they were better with Alex Smith, who exactly led them to the Super Bowl? Just asking.

Michael from Denver: 49ers fan miserably hearing about all the Broncos glory out here in Denver. Help me out here...how do the 49ers get back to winning and stay the injury cycle until some WR weapons come back like Manningham & Crabtree? Back to running Gore and using pistol? Trade for Josh Gordon? What are your thoughts on options?

BW: Run the ball with success and keep the defense fresh ... Cutting out the dumb penalties wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

Adam from Miami: I don’t want to act like you can replace an Aldon Smith, but I've watched Corey Lemonier very closely and I have been shocked by his ability as a pass rusher. I think people will be very surprised by what they see out of him. Have you seen what I have seen?

BW: Well, he is a rookie, so I don't want to put too much on him. But they need him and they like him a lot. He has a future. So does Carradine. If these guys develop quickly, it could keep the 49ers from feeling the need to give Smith big bucks.