Chat wrap: How many grabs for Johnson?

Here are some highlights from our San Francisco 49ers chat, which was held earlier Thursday:

Just The West from Los Angeles: Stevie Johnson... O/U 50 catches what you thinking? Considering Roman keeps talking about changes to the offense.

Bill Williamson: I think 50 is the logical starting point there. Not going to be a top three option, but he will be valuable.

RDC from Clovis: Hey Bill, Roger Goodell stated that Aldon's voluntary admittance to a rehab facility would play a role in determining his punishment. Now that he has been released of all charges from the LAX incident, does Goodell's statement still hold water?

BW: The LAX incident was the only issue since Goodell's comments. Now, that there will be no charges, it could help. But Aldon didn't do himself any favors by putting himself in that situation.

Tebow from OKC: Roughly a decade later, how would you assess Alex smith's career considering where he was drafted?

BW: He's a solid starter. Worth No. 1? No, but he's solid. Aaron Rodgers should have been the pick, clearly.