San Francisco 49ers: Richie Incongito

Jonathan Martin was certainly a hot-button subject last season.

He was at the center of a bizarre bullying case involving then-teammate Richie Incognito. Martin left the Miami Dolphins because of the situation. The story become a national story on bullying and went way beyond football.

Martin became a household name, albeit for reasons he surely wouldn’t want. However, the past few months have been much more pleasant for Martin. He is in a good place.

The San Francisco 49ers traded for Martin, a promising offensive lineman, in March. The trade reunited Martin with his coach at Stanford, Jim Harbaugh, and several assistants. The 49ers appeared to be a perfect landing spot for Martin because of all the familiarity and comforts. Plus, the 49ers have a winning, veteran locker room. Several 49ers denounced the bullying from afar last season.

I bring these facts back up only because of recent comments made by former Miami linebacker Channing Crowder. He said Martin is going to get the best of every opponent he faces because of the role he played in the situation.

Perhaps that is true, but I think Martin will be just fine with that. The truth is, as of right now, that incident is far in the past.

Yes, it is just the offseason, but Martin’s move to San Francisco has been exactly what all parties involved had hoped. There don’t seem to be any issues, and Martin has quietly fit into his new team.

The 49ers aren’t the Dolphins. The events of last year are not a subject. If Crowder is right, and there are outside influences, I simply don’t think it will have a big impact on Martin or the 49ers because the issue doesn’t exist in Martin’s current world.

Vernon Davis’ winter adventure

February, 17, 2014
Feb 17
San Francisco 49ers’ star tight end Vernon Davis is keeping busy early in the offseason.

Davis is in Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics, pursuing his passion for the sport of curling, which he picked up early in his NFL career. Davis is the unofficial team captain for the United States team. Davis explained his love of the obscure sport in a feature on

"They're always like, 'Vernon, what are you doing? What are you doing with curling? You serious about that sport?’” Davis said of his friends’ reaction to his love of curling. "And I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm serious. Why wouldn't I be?' This is who I am. Everyone has something interesting about them and the way they operate. This is me."

Davis is keeping a high profile while in Sochi. He did an interview on NBC with Al Michaels and in a light moment, said he may try to make the United States’ 2018 curling team. Don’t fret, 49ers fans, Davis should still be very much interested in keeping his day job in four years.

Davis also appeared on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike and he was asked about a much more serious topic -- the Miami Dolphins’ bullying scandal. Davis stood up for guard Richie Incognito, who has been at the center of the case. Incognito has been talking much heat, but Davis supported him.

“Richie Incognito is a great guy," Davis said on the radio show. "I know him really well. When I heard about it, I didn’t think he would do anything to harm Jonathan Martin."