Greg Roman pins blames on himself

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- The San Francisco 49ers' offense, especially quarterback Colin Kaepernick, has been criticized this week after settling for three field goals in a 10-9 home loss to Carolina.

Naturally, offensive coordinator Greg Roman blamed himself Thursday for issues with the unit last Sunday.

"Anytime we don't have success, it definitely starts with me, and we've got to get it fixed," Roman said. "It's something we're working hard to do. Any time we fall short, I'm looking at myself first and foremost, and we've got to get it fixed."

Roman said the team needs to do a better job on third-and-short situations and cut down on negative plays. Counting penalties, the 49ers had negative plays on 13 of their 52 offensive snaps. A 25 percent clip is not going to get it done.

Still, as has the 49ers' offense as a whole this year, Roman has done well. Sunday was just an all-around poor performance.

In other 49ers notes:

  • Roman said planning for this Saints' defense is totally different from last year because of defensive coordinator's Rob Ryan's scheme. Roman said it is closer to the defense Greg Williams ran in 2001 than last season's Saints' scheme.

  • In an Insider piece, Mel Kiper thinks the 49ers may draft a quarterback to be a backup. I completely agree. We've seen the backup dance the 49ers have done at this position this season. They clearly want an upgrade there.

  • Upon film review, the league took a sack away from linebacker Ahmad Brooks. His total against Carolina went from three to two. He leads the 49ers with 5.5 sacks.