Did Russell Wilson Google his Instagram description of Ciara?

Russell Wilson uses Google to find nice things to say about Ciara (2:24)

Russillo & Kanell share their thoughts on Russell Wilson using top Google links to discover nice things to say about Ciara. (2:24)

With the offseason here for 30 teams, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has upped his use of social media.

And as usual, many of his posts involve girlfriend Ciara, like this one from Wednesday:

A very loving description indeed. But as Billboard's Natalie Weiner pointed out, Wilson might have gotten some help from the Internet.

Wilson posted his response later in the day, making it clear that if he’s using online searches, it’s not Google. That’s sure to please Seahawks owner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Wilson added two more tweets about his affection for Ciara.