Earl Thomas: 'It's all about us'

RENTON, Wash -- Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas kept saying the same things Tuesday when asked what the team needs to do to defeat the New Orleans Saints on Saturday.

"It isn't about them," he said. “It’s all about us. We’re just enjoying this moment. I’m lost in it."

Thomas now has reached the playoff in three of his four NFL seasons. The good fortune of that fact hasn’t escaped him.

“There are so many guys [in the NFL] right now who are saying, ‘If I only had one more play.’ We have that,” Thomas said. “That’s all the energy I need, but the energy is ramped up a little more. You have a little more life.”

Thomas was a first-team All-Pro selection this season, and he's a likely candidate for the NFL defensive player of the year. So what’s his plan for the playoff game?

“I just want to be in tune with the game," he said. “It’s the playoffs. I just want to go out there and be the best free safety I can be. It’s time to show what I can do.”

And since Thomas said, this game “is all about us,” what does that mean for the Seahawks?

“We just need to be us and play relentless football,” he said. “That’s who we are.”