A quick, personal look at Kiero Small

The rookie minicamp last weekend was a good opportunity to learn a little more about some the Seahawks draft choices. Here’s a quick look at fullback Kiero Small, a seventh-round pick from Arkansas.

Small, who is 5-8, 245, said he got over people doubting him long ago.

“A lot of guys at home [in Baltimore] said I wouldn’t get into school,” Small said. “And people said I wouldn’t get to a Division 1 university. So they can say what they want, but I figure if I work hard and get a shot, it’s on me after that.”

After two years as a middle linebacker in Hartnell Community College in Salinas, California, the offers weren’t exactly pouring in from the big schools until Arkansas came calling and moved Small to fullback.

“I was back home working in the T-shirt shop,” Small said. “I was waking up, catching the bus to work every day. I pretty much thought football was over for me. One day I just woke up and said this isn’t where I want my life to go, and I thank God I got back to playing football.”