Sherman, Baldwin get in their digs

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and wide receiver Doug Baldwin had a funny little exchange after Monday's practice, keeping things loose after a competitive session.

For those who don't know, Sherman jokingly calls Baldwin his son even though Sherman is only six months older. They played together at Stanford and both men graduated in 2011.

Sherman was doing a group interview session when Baldwin interrupted the Q&A.

Sherman: "Never let your kids come to your interviews."

Baldwin: "Ain't no kids here."

Sherman: "Geez, you get a little facial hair and he not a kid anymore."

Baldwin: "He has enjoyed the past couple of months, but he hasn't enjoyed the past couple of weeks because he's been getting torched out here on the practice field."

Sherman: "They [the media] would believe that if they weren't out here watching."

Baldwin: "They [the secondary] had one good day today. I give 'em that."

Sherman: "You can only have one good day in 24 hours, Doug. If we could have had two we would've."

As Baldwin walked away, Sherman looked at him and said, "Oh, that's my boy. He's grown up so much before my eyes."