Vote on the top 10 Seahawks in history

This weekend’s Sound-Off Saturday question is a chance for you to help me with a countdown I’m running the July 4th week on the top 10 Seahawks in franchise history.

This won’t be an easy task, but it should be fun and most of you likely will have your own ideas on it. So give me some of your thoughts, especially the player you would place No. 1.

However, don't include anyone of the current team. Yes, several of the Super-Bowl winners are destined to make this list soon, but this top 10 will be Seahawks from the past. Let's give the old guys their due.

My countdown will start on June 27 and list one player each day until No. 1 is revealed on Sunday, July 6.

Some of the top 10 are obvious. Some of them are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the order you place them in is the difficult part.

So let me hear it. You also can make your picks on my Twitter page (TerryBlountESPN) under the hashtag #Top10SeahawksinHistory.