Sherman softball game draws 22,000 fans

The Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game Sunday was a huge success with more than 22,000 fans attending the charity game at Safeco Field.

Sherman’s Blue team rallied for seven runs in the bottom if the sixth inning to win 19-17 over the Gray team, which was captained by Russell Wilson.

Retired NFL safety Lawyer Milloy, a Tacoma native and University of Washington product who played his final two NFL season with the Seahawks, was named the Most Valuable Player of the game with three home runs.

It was a fun afternoon for everyone involved, including Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Before the game Bryant was asked why he agreed to play in Sherman’s game? “Because he’s a psycho like me,” Bryant joked.

Bryant also won some points with Seattle NBA fans. After saying this was the first time he has been to Seattle since the Sonics left, Bryant added: “I’d much rather come here in the postseason than Oklahoma.”

Chris Hansen, who is trying to bring an NBA team back to Seattle, also played in the game. Sherman robbed Hansen of a double late in the game, but Hansen had an inside-the-park homer earlier. He's still trying to hit a HR for Sonics fans.

One of the highlights of the game included former Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner doing a Babe Ruth impression by calling his shot before hitting a home run.