Darrell Bevell praises his receivers

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell likes what he's seeing from his receivers and talked specifically about a few of them Wednesday after practice.

First is Percy Harvin, who has shown his speed and talent throughout training camp. He also has managed to stay healthy, even after a scare Tuesday when he was spiked on is right heel. Harvin practiced full speed Wednesday.

"Obviously, we try to get him the ball," Bevell said of Harvin. "So you try to put him in situations to have that chance. Coverage still dictates where the ball goes and they can take it away, but he'll be moving around to try to make it difficult."

Bevell also is pleased with Doug Baldwin, who has moved from the slot receiver to split end this season, replacing Golden Tate.

"Doug is the ultimate competitor," Bevell said. "He's doing a really nice job with his releases [off the line of scrimmage]. Something that is showing up more is his speed, as well. His speed is underestimated."

Bevell said he is seeing improvement from rookie receiver Paul Richardson.

"The best thing for him is to be back out there," Bevell said. "He had a couple of setbacks where he couldn't practice [with a bruised shoulder]. He's very talented and we know that he has great speed, but the best thing for him is to get reps. That's why we're seeing [improvement].

"We really like him and know what he can do, but it takes time. There's a learning process that kind of gets heavy on young guys a little bit. Paul has all these installs where he has to learn new plays every day. Now that he's out there more, he knows what he doing and the game slows down more. Then he's able to let his ability take over."