Bryant says why the Seahawks let him go

Former Seahawks defensive lineman Red Bryant was asked Thursday night why he and defensive end Chris Clemons were let go after last season.

“It’s football,’’ Bryant said. “What have you did for me lately? I guess what we did for them lately wasn’t good enough anymore.”

Bryant and Clemons, now with the Jacksonville Jaguars, were interviewed by ESPN’s Lisa Salters during Thursday’s preseason game at Chicago, which the Bears won 20-19.

Bryant was asked if Jacksonville can copy the Seattle defense.

“I don’t really feel like you can duplicate it,” Bryant said. “What we did in Seattle was extremely special. That’s an extremely talented team.

“I feel like now we can start over and start new here in Jacksonville. They have some unique talent on this team, and they just need somebody to help show them the way to win. That’s where me and Clem come in. Hopefully, we can bring all the experience we’ve had the last few years in Seattle to help this team accomplish its goal of winning a Super Bowl one day.”

Clemons said he likes what he sees in rookie quarterback Blake Bortles.

“He just isn’t afraid of nothing,” Clemons said of Bortles. “He slings the ball all over the place, which is a good thing because it shows you he isn’t fearful of making a mistake. He goes through his reads and does everything the coaches ask him to do. He’s a pretty good quarterback.”