Who the Heisman Trophy finalists have faced

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

All the Heisman Trophy ballots had to be in by 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, so the numbers I'm about to give you are not a push to get anybody to vote a certain way.

They're simply something to consider as we await word on Saturday on who among Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow (listed in alphabetical order) wins college football's most coveted individual award.

Anyway, here we go.

Tebow faced six of the top 25 defenses in college football this season. Bradford faced one and McCoy none.

Tebow faced 10 top 50 defenses. Bradford faced three and McCoy none.

McCoy faced 11 defenses that were ranked lower than 70th. Bradford faced eight and Tebow one.

In Tebow's eight games against defenses ranked in the top 30 this season, he passed for a total of 18 touchdowns and no interceptions and rushed for nine touchdowns.

Here's a look at all the defenses Bradford, McCoy and Tebow faced this season and where those defenses were ranked nationally, using the rankings as of Dec. 6:

No. 2 TCU
No. 26 Cincinnati
No. 50 Texas
No. 66 Nebraska
No. 72 Texas Tech
No. 86 Oklahoma State
No. 87 Baylor
No. 94 Kansas
No. 99 Missouri
No. 110 Washington
No. 113 Texas A&M
No. 117 Kansas State

No. 65 Oklahoma
No. 72 Texas Tech
No. 73 Arkansas
No. 79 Colorado
No. 86 Oklahoma State
No. 91 Missouri
No. 93 Florida Atlantic
No. 94 Kansas
No. 99 Missouri
No. 113 Texas A&M
No. 114 Rice
No. 115 UTEP

No. 3 Alabama
No. 4 Tennessee
No. 11 South Carolina
No. 13 Florida State
No. 15 Ole Miss
No. 25 Miami
No. 28 Georgia
No. 29 Vanderbilt
No. 36 LSU
No. 37 Kentucky
No. 59 Hawaii
No. 73 Arkansas