Marotti's value shows up in fourth quarter

DESTIN, Fla. -- Now that Florida coach Urban Meyer has proved to himself that he can get away for a few days in the offseason and the program’s not going to crumble, his appreciation for his staff has only soared.

But Meyer gave an extra shout-out to his strength and conditioning coach, Mickey Marotti, earlier this week at the SEC spring meetings.

Repeatedly, Meyer has called Marotti the best strength coach in America.


That's simple, according to Meyer. Look how good the Gators have been in the fourth quarter.

“You look at our success in the fourth quarter, our success in getting guys back from injury,” Meyer said. “That’s how you really evaluate a strength coach. Do you dominate the fourth quarter? Do you play hard in the fourth quarter? Do you have enough juice in the tank to finish a game? That’s how you evaluate a strength coach.

“I hear people say, ‘Well, this guys benches 600 pounds.’ We’re not evaluating bench-presses. We’re evaluating how a team performs in the fourth quarter. That’s not easy. You don’t start that in August, either. That starts in January and February. The body shuts down in the fourth quarter. The teams that can fight through that are the ones who win championships.”