Moped accident shouldn't sideline Locke

It’s that time of year all football coaches hate.

While most of the players are on campus for summer school and going through conditioning and voluntary workouts, it’s also a given that the players have more free time than usual.

That means more time to get in trouble, get injured away from football or just generally find themselves in a precarious position that leads to off-the-field issues.

And many times, it’s just bad luck.

A year ago, the whole state of Mississippi collectively held its breath after initially hearing about the scary car wreck involving Dexter McCluster and Greg Hardy. Fortunately, they escaped without serious injury after a car pulled out in front of them, although Hardy did aggravate his foot injury.

More recently, it was Kentucky running back Derrick Locke, who broke a bone in his left forearm during a moped accident last week. Locke will be in a splint for four weeks and re-examined by doctors at that point.

The good news is that it doesn’t appear he will need surgery, which means he should be good to go when preseason practice begins in August.

In the immortal words of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus on “Hill Street Blues,” let’s be careful out there.